Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Rome III

Getting tired of Rome? I'm sure .. but then ... chill another few more entries

After dinner, we went over to Trevi Fountain. Yeah we sat there, threw coins and made 3 wishes. Erm or is it the other round? Okie .. I forgot but I think it's the one I mentioned

... when taking nite scene with people ... the quality is not good

The day after ... we have free time but before that, we went to the last place 1st before we go on our own

The queue was so freaking long. No, we didnt go in, it was just too long. There's a way where we dont have to queue up but you have to pay extra which was ridiculous. That extra that I meant was hiring a tour guide. So, no thanx yah. If you wanna ride horses there ... is damn bloody expensive for just one small round. So, forget about it. If I'm not mistaken, it's 120 Euros. Siaoo ...

We didnt go together .. we seperated once we reached there

I think we already seen finish ... waiting for the others

Take again

And again ...

Tired ... ne ai ... so .. sit down :D

I'll be taking pix at 9am today which is at 4pm in Malaysia while the ceremony will be at 11am here, 6pm Malaysia ...
Call meeeeee ... :p


Anonymous said...

Ok, this will be a long long comment.

1. How to call you? I don't have your number also, hahaha!
2. Congrats on your graduation!!! COme back remember belanja me makan ok? I not greedy one, mamak can already, hahaha!
3. Rome III: That fountain, I think I saw it before on Triumph in the Skies, the HK Drama Series, hohoho!
4. Vatican City: Reminded me a lot on the Da Vinci Code.

Eh, actually not that long also. Paiseh.

Nyokk said...

memang gila haha

no number i can give you im very generous haha :D
woahhhh sen b4? goood wor hahahha
da vinci code i didnt watch haha

:S er .... confirm gila