Thursday, December 14, 2006

Rome IV

Finishing soon ...

After that, we waited for the others ... waited ... waited and waited ... finally they came after one hour ... -_-

Then, lied down to take the sky ... dont know why also

After that, we went on our own ... went on seperate ways ... so just the 4 of us went together, the rest I dont know. This is the only time we can go and see look see look in the shops.

While waiting for our president to buy his stuff

Suddenly he came :o

Sigh ... once again

Who knows so potong stim ... he took this pic ... kaka ...

Next .. we went to RoadHouse Grill in Rome

Take pic first ;)

Our president :D

Good evening

with Ah Boi

Go and smile pulak -_-

I ordered this .. I think :o

Ah Boi ...

Yu Wen's


That's it for the day ... so far, I think this is the best restaurant that I ate in Italy. The service is good, the waitress recommended us the food, very helpful and stuff. :) Food is fabulous.

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