Monday, December 11, 2006

Vatican City

Venue: Vatican City

On the way there, oh and I forgot to mention that any time of the day the sound of the siren can be heard very clearly and loudly.

The guards ... it's a tourist attraction :p

Have to line up to enter this place and the sun is so freaking bright and hot

If I'm not mistaken I have this postcard

Angels ..

Yu Wen and I

Come let's pray ... even if you dont just pretend that you know okay? Go confess anything you want ... I'm sure you have at least one like .. you killed a mosquito the previous day ... anything will do but not like I do haha, I dunno anything about this

Dont ask me because I dont know what were we doing :s

Hieeee *peace* I seldom do peace sign but this is exceptional

Just standing only ...

Outside ... finally

We took like from every view which means it appear with different background ... but this is the nicest ..


Sepakkkk diaa ...

Whackkk himmm :D

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