Saturday, December 9, 2006

Venice II

Still ... in Milan ...

I forgot to post this up at the previous entry ... yah it was taken at nite just after we reached Venice

After lunch ... okie start again hehe

Hello .... :D we developed this pic ;)

Then we continued walking ...

:( kena sepak :(

So sunny so hot so burning .. siao[crazy] sure BBQ

This is just scary, I tried once in Milan ... -_- my gawddddd :S :S soooo many of them and I stpped on one of their legs ... oops not my fault okie ...

Italia .... yoohooo!!

This is the mask ... :D they have this carnival annually in February where everyone dress up and stuff like that ... and this place is well known for their masks ... that was what one guy told us .. :p and he knows KL :p

Finally in the train ... to our next destination

We went so deep in that we had a hard time coming out. It was like a maze :S and finally we got out from that maze ... phew! It took us almost an hour haha

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