Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Worst journey

There was one day that I went for this interview in Cafe du Centre in Geneve. It usually takes 3 hours from Luzern to Geneve or maybe better known as Geneva, whichever it is, that was the place I went. As I have mentioned earlier, the system went bananas. Yeah, seriously! I have never encountered any delay in Swiss time before. That was the day I really experienced it and it was just tedious.

1st: I missed 12.42 bus. It nicely went pass me while I was walking from IMI. That's fine .. so I took 1.12 bus. Reached there around 1.30, I'm not sure. I went to see the board, there's no train to Geneve. I waited, waited. Then, I looked at the notice board only to realize that there's no train to Geneve. Fine, I have to call back to school to ask someone to check for me. I called Galih but I could not get him as he was in the shower. Then, I called Yu Wen, got her. She told me the time, which gate, which train.

2nd: I was so excited when I saw the train to Olten. I straight away went in. Who knows that it was not the time Yu Wen told me but still ... it's the same as I have sitll have to wait for the next train to Biel. Who knows ... I waited and I can stil remember the exact time the train was supposed to leave to Biel, it was 3.40pm. It was already 3.40 ... 3.45 ... 3.50 ...and finally 3.55 ... only did the train arrive. I knew that I was gonna be in deep shit. When I was in the train, this guy who was checking tickets came with the machine checking the train time and told me that I cant change in Biel already. Instead I have to go all the way to Lausanne and change there to Geneve. Fine, I have no choice anymore, do I?

Seee ... this is the place I am supposed to get down to but didnt manage to as the train to Geneve has already gone as the time was :S

3rd: Finally I got down in Geneve from Lausanne and the time was 6.20 :S it was a freaking 4 hours journey. I asked Galih to tell me the time for my trip back. I looked for the place I am gonna have my interview. Well, firstly went to this shop, and what she said was le temp, I dont know what is that but anyway, merci beaucoup. I went to another place, asked this guy. Also .. he can't speak English. I gave him the address. He was pointing here and there and I was guessing all the way. Then, I heard gare? It's railway station. Then, I heard le temp, I guess that's bus coz he was doing sign language as well. He wrote down a number and told me to go to .. dont know where. I stood there damn blur. Suddely, one guy came in who can speak English and French ... phew! Middleman :D Finally, I got what he meant, my guessing not that bad. But, I couldnt find the bus number, the system is so complicated, unlike Luzern, all the buses at one place. Anyway, couldnt find I called Mr Gumy and he told me this and that.

4th: After finishing, Galih smsed me the time of the train and it was expected to arrive at 12.07 and I am able to catch the last bus, which is at 12.12am. Who knows, tragedy happened again. I thought the delay was only for that particular train. It happened again. The train which was supposed to go to Olten didnt appear. It was cancelled indeed. Thus, I had to wait for the next train which was going to Bern and from there, I had to change to Olten, and from Olten, back to Luzern and it was already way beyond the expected time. I reached Luzern at 1.14am :S Dang! I had to take a cab back. Now, take a look at the map :S

In total, it took me almost 9 hours ... just travelling time and it was so so torturing. What's worse was ... I could not sleep as I was afraid that if I sleep then ... dunno which station will I stop at. I dont want history to repeat itself during my first interview with Ying haha.

While on the way to Lausanne .. I took some shots ...

Though it isn't clear but still .. Neuchatel ... omggggg ... Neuchatel ... I stepped here last was 6th February 2005

C'est est la gare [this is the railway station .. hope it's right in french haha]

Awww ... I remember this place!!!


R.J said...

hehehe...cafe du center pun susah nak cari ah hehe. NIce place ryt!...hehe Congrats on getting the placement there. :D

Panda said...

hahaha susah la :s i only went to geneve once weh ... with you all when lily went there to meet her aunt :S haha that's it