Sunday, December 10, 2006

Yay ... I passed

I just wanna say this ...

I am so so happy ... I am content ..

After weeks of speculation and rumours of who failed their dissertation, it is finalised. Yah, and that happened right after my IT exam, that 4 people failed. Later in that evening, it increased to 6 people and even names were out. Some said this and some said that. So, we dont know whether to believe or not to believe. I can tell you that many were very much freaked out. Our most difficult exam was yet to pass so .. just imagine studying in that condition when the dissertation was bothering us.

I can say that after hearing the names, I was more relief than before. Luckily it didnt really affect haha .. phew! Additionally, Mr Simpson was strict on our marketing paper. We knew who told this, and I knew who gave her the information but I didn't know that the person who gave the information to our information provider cannot be trusted though it's a lecturer, but still ... erm haha. Anyway forget it.

The final is ... only one failed the dissertation. And the person is not me. That's all that matters, thank you.

I HEART mama

Yu Wen HEART papa

Winnie HEART mama

finally ... we all HEART Homer Simpson

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