Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Bad day

Today is really not a good day, in fact it was just bad. The only good thing about today is I have schedule 3 today 10-3 and 6.30-10.30

Contract not signed, leg pain, hurt my finger again ... yeah again, 3rd finger already haha, dropped so many things today .... seriously .... plates cutleries glasses ... which I usually dont and drunk also not that bad weh .... :s but anyway ... it's a bright day again hehe :D

Today, met 2 anak Malai in this hostel ... and they are from KL too hahahha :D so happy na ... Msian dei ... in SWISS ... geneva ... this hostelll .. wah lau eh

okie that's all this room is closing soon ciao

dedicate BAD DAY by Daniel Powter to myself :p