Saturday, January 13, 2007

Davos trip

I was off on Friday. Lucky enough for me, I dont have to work for the 3 busiest days in the week, considering it is already bad enough for weekdays. Supposingly, the restaurant closes at 12am, but these buggers, they just dont seem to just leave and talk somewhere else. I mean, those who stays there until late nite, as in the very last one to leave are usually those who ... are having serious talk, as in ... talking about problems between them haha. I shouldnt laugh but ... they asked for it. Who asked them to make me work until so damn late -_-

okay anyway ... continue with my Davos trip

This is the restaurant at the 2nd highest ... haha .. I didnt eat here, only drank

Look at it, it's Cola and Orange ... Cola cost a bloody 5.80 CH .... er I think? Can die okay ... it's so damn expensive .. peng na

Like traffic lights .. green and yellow, lack of red, I can be red too haha wearing red shirt inside but I'll freeze to dead

Look at it, it's gonna be WHITE CHRISTMAS for me haha

While waiting for cable car ... took pix ...

After awhile ... we went down again .. pai la mountain

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