Tuesday, January 9, 2007


hey hey hey ... hello ... guess what? I'm off for three straight days. off for 3 days already. This entry was unsuccessfully published. I seriously need a break from Geneve. Therefore, I am going somewhere, well ... somewhere-la. In Switzerland of course.

Before I forget, and I know that this is sooo long away - xmas. I also know that people had bid goodbye to 2006, said hello to 2007, celebrated New Year's Day, made resolutions and started living in 2007, but forgive me, I'm just slow. Talking bout resolutions, I dont really have one and it's the same every year. Living happily is good enough :) dont have to be with the norm - lose weight, despite the fact that I have gained 6 kgs haha but it doesnt matter... for now.

As I have mentioned, we went up to Davos, 4 hours from Luzern. It's courtesy of Christmas Day that we went up there, the training place of my roomie. This place is located very near to Austria.

It was such a coincidence to bump into Ivan in McD's as he already started training, keep in touch ya ;)

finally we are up here at Davos

Half way walking ...

As we were walking walking and walking suddenly I slipped and fell on my butt, holy bull .. pain dehhh

As we were waiting for Goh to ask info, we took pix

and still waiting ...

We were given 3 options, we chose to go to the 2nd ... which they said is the most beautiful - 26 CH

-to be continued i fell asleep so im going out ciao-

up there ... quite hot ne


zeroimpact said...

So much so wo, hot meh

Nyokk said...

hahah coz before tht was cold, suddenly so sunny .. that's why hot haha