Sunday, January 14, 2007

Going nuts

I wanna announce something.

I am dying real soon due to the working hours ... mamamia. Supposingly, it's already bad enough if I work 8 and a half hours per day, and no, it is not included break. These past few days, I have been working 9 hours but today ... it's 10 hours and I am so so da tired and ne ai. Who knows that this damn fan is causing problem again! Making so much noise and it will automatically shut down anytime. So .. wish me luck yea, I wanna online okay. That is my only source of entertainment.

Sorry na ... in the middle of chatting, I suddenly go missing. Minta maaf SP, sorry Dan, and entshuldigung pla tong. Haha.


Daniel said...

heyz. no worries at all.

anywayz, while u were offline, i went to do research on how to fix the prob.

what you can do is clean the laptop fan. to do that you first need a screwdriver to unscrew the panel that houses the fan in your laptop. should be quite easy lar. just 2 screws at the back i think. then take out the fan and clean all the dust around it and the area in the laptop.once cleaned, just pop it back in and screw the panel back on.

i cleaned my laptop yesterday, it still gets warm but it doenst slow down as much. can even play dota. hehe

so hope it works for you!

p.s if your laptop overheats, just let it cooldown then only switch it on again to prevent damage to the components.

Nyokk said...

wow thanks for the info yea ;) will do it when it ... lose its temper again haha.

Hope it doesnt tho coz i dnt have a screwdriver :s

aww it's monday .. again :S