Monday, January 1, 2007

Happy New Year 2007

It's already almost 3.30 am here and I would like to take this golden opportunity to wish everyone


To all IMI students:
Zuzu Zutai and enjoy your training, work no matter where you are in the world and zuzu zutai also for your studies

Everyone else: Have a blessed new year ahead of you with every aspect of your life.

Dont talk to me about celebration coz it's just dead. They went for clubbing but I didnt coz .. I was having a headache earlier. Yeah what a way to start a new year with. It's so not nice okay. So sucky, so unlucky. My goodness.

p/s: omg Galih is singing kuch kuch kuta hai :S on the way becoming orang pohon :s


zeroimpact said...

Happy new year my friend
May this year brings forth more joy for you

Infectioner said...

Gott nytt år!
correct hor? :P

Nyokk said...

zeroimpact: Same to you may this year will be a better one :D

IX: er .. what is that? o.O

Kenneth said...

Happy New Year!
Hmm that thing above looks like swedish

SOn said...

heya nyokk!! Happy new year 2007 to you!!

Anonymous said...

Happy 2007 year, Nyokk!

letti said...

happy new year, ya funky girl!!!

The Angel said...

Happy New Year!

Nyokk said...

kenneth: happpy new year hahaha swedish ... i dont know a single word in swedih haha :p

son: same goes o you happy new year 2007 have a grea year na

shea: happpy new yearrrrr :D

letti: LOL since when I'm funy girl hahaha

angel: happppy new yearrr ;)