Friday, January 5, 2007

I'm anak Malai

Hie hie ... I am here ..

Things are okay, everything is fine ... long hours yes of course but I can take it. Anyhing else I can take it. But ... there is something that I can't = my shoes. It's very hurtful to work in that kind of shoes. That is not meant for hard long hours. Heels added to he stress of my foot. Bad until I could not walk straight. Usuallly it takes me 2-3 mins from that place to the bus stop but nowadays it takes me10 minutes, same goes to the duration between Galih's place and the stop haha. Tuesday, I felt very very pain and look at the pic below. Click on it.

Though it's not clear and very blur, but still .. able to see if you take a look properly. It's a screen capped pic, I was webcaming. Imagine it, I was in total shock coz I was wearing WHITE leggings.

I think something is wrong with people's eyes. First thing first, I am pure Malaysian, I'm anak Malaysia, or anak Malai as what my Indonesian friends call us haha, truly Asia. But .. why are there people who thought that I'm Jap :S I am so not okie -_- it's a big difference. If it's Luzern then it's understandable because as long as you are Asian, almost the same skin tone as Jap, chinky eyes, then they just assume that you are haha due to the huge amount of Jap tourists in Luzern. What's even more shocking to me is that there are even people who thought that I'm Thai :o Not one, but two. On the 1st day itself, they asked if I am Thai. Asked in French -_- but all I heard was Thai something so ... understood that they were asking about that. Who knows that today when I was serving drink, one customer ... Swiss guy ... sa wa dee kap to me and kap kun kap to me :S But honestly, at times when I wanted to say no to people, I almost say mai haha. Not always of course. Seriously, I dont look Thai :o

Big difference you know.


Anonymous said...

omg... lober that looks painful... ouch!

Zoe said...

ahahaha funny. i think foreigner just think every Asian look the same ler.

by the way that photo does look scary to me... change another shoe or something?

Anonymous said...

what happen to your leg??why got blood??warum??

it's really freaky~go oschner sports and get another same pair of shoe with me XD

Nyokk said...

lober: it is lor hahah culdnt walk straight

zoe: already did hahah

yw: hahahha i went to dosenbach to get a shoe like sizuka already 20 CH :D but I bought another pair of sneakers :S