Friday, January 12, 2007


As you know, I was in Luzern for a few days before coming back to Geneve on Monday night. But, who knows when I was in the train, I met into an insane guy. He's totally screwed up.

These 2 German girls were like screaming, laughing, singing and talking very loudly at the seats next to mine. NOt directly next to but ... the same row. So, I was sleeping there so nicely but got woken up by them. So fine nvm, I tried to sleep again. Then, I heard a guy's voice trying to be friendly. Thus, joined them singing and so I took a peep and slept again. Or at least I pretended. Yeah he talked so much and stuff, so not cool. He's so conradicting, at some point he said they are beautiful at another point he said they are *censored*

Basically I heard the whole convo. He even talked on the phone ... but I suspected that it's not a real phone call but he acted it out. Anyway non of my business haha.

But, it's my business if he talks to me -_- after they got down, I thought I can get some peace. Who knows, it's hell for me instead. He sat opposite of me, and apologized for making noise and stuff while I was asleep or at least he thought so. I said nvm it's okie. Then, he went off.

Who knows that was just the beginning. He came back, apologizing again, said the same thing and so I answered the same. Pla Tong. Real pla tong but I didnt mean it in a cute way of course, more like .. I really mean it that he has a brain of a gold fish haha. Teacher, chai pah?

So anyway, this time he sat there for quite long. Long until I felt that the time pass super damn slow, it was the moment that I felt longer than 9 long working hours. Serious okay. He asked me if I am from Thailand -_- I said Malaysia :S so .. this was the convo .......

he: You from Thailand?
me: no, Malaysia
he: ahhh I like Malay people
me: er... sorry?
he: ohh I like Malaysian people
me: oh
he: Who are you staying with?
me: friends
he: girls?
me: no, guys
he: bf?
me: no
he: do you have a bf?
me: yes [for that moment, I suddenly have haha]
he: did you just drink?
me: no i dont drink [kononnya la ... see i quit haha]
he: did you just take drugs, cocaine
me: i dont do those things
i dunno what happened then ...
he: you have a wonderful smile, you are the most beautiful girl I have ever met before
me: :) [like I will believe what you said]
he: it's a shame that you dnt have a bf
me: I said I have ^o)
he: no you said you dont
me: nope, I said ... I have
he: okay

then he found out that I was doing my training there in a restaurant

he: which restaurant do you work as? maybe i will come to eat
me: no it's okay

after much persuasion, he failed to get the name

he: i dont wanna force you to tell me, but really I know every restaurant in Geneve
me: no, it's okie

he went somewhere, came back again -_-

he: please tell me where are you working
me: no, it's okie
he: i know the whole geneve
me: no, it's okie
he: i wont disturb you and whatsoever
me: no it's okie
he: i will just go and eat with my friend, i wont mention your name
me: no, it's okie
he: i think you are lying, you are not working in a restaurant
me: :) [whatever d'uh, do I even care]
he: let's go for a drink in geneve
me: no, it's late and I have to work tomorrow
he: no maybe tomorrow
me: sorry im working

until we reached, he still kept insisting that I lied. Whateva haha. Most of the time, I couldnt understand him. He's from Nepal, he speaks French but anything, it's not important if I understand him or I dont haha.

After we reached Geneve, I turned left and took one big round .. haha .. yes Yu Wen ... again!! :p first time was coz of that retarded guy on the way back from Geneve to Luzern. should be back already heh ... Now it's Brianko. Onii's turn to go back to Msia, so does Clod.

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