Friday, January 26, 2007

No life

I'm off yesterday and today ... nice, great.

And will be working like mad for the next 5 days again until my next off day.

Lucky enough for me, it is not one whole week closing. It's back to schedule 3 on certain days .. schedule 3 was what I got when I first started working, which is from 10-3 and from 6-10.30 ... but I usually go at 6.30 instead, skipping dinner there and I can go later ... so why not :D much much better :)

It has been 3 weeks straight that I did closing ... and maybe it's the other 2 trainees turn to do so. Hopefully. My turn to have a better shift ... hehe dont you think so? Coz seriously ... doing closing means no life. If not work, I'll be sleeping, if not sleeping, I'll be working. No life, seriously no life.


zeb said...

That IS life when you get to work.. :)

R.J said...

LOL. but one thing menyampah bout there is that tak sama like msia we go work kerja 8 hours (or more depending) then terus balik. There inbetween got long long break. cant really do anything

Michy said...

brother ... yea la but still ... ish

rj ... memang la but at least luckily half an hour distance only unlike KL haha ... jam jam jam