Monday, January 1, 2007


On the Sunday, the 17th of December 2006, Yu Wen woke me up early in the morning. Haha considered early for me, 10 am or 9 plus, not sure, asking me to follow her to Bahnhof. Yeah, I woke up as late as I can, 10 plus, almost 11 and biasa la .. rush here and there and suddenly Yasmin called to my room -_- I'm like heh ... I thought was Yu Wen. She said like ... Yu Wen? Michele? -_- apa nieee ... :S should call to 405 not here :S saying that the cab was already down there. Ya ya .. okie whatver .. I ran down ne. Still in my sleepy mode .. I got in the cab ... then helped with the luggage until saw her parents and waited for the train to Zurich and again helped until inside the train. Thought of leaving but who knows ... anything, just went with them haha.

Went to her in-training place called Suan Long, the owner has 19 outlets in Switzerland. We went to her hostel and looked aroud that place. Erm ... no comment haha. Peter, Adam and Ying work in the same place but Yu Wen is not in Uster but somewhere else.

So, at night, we went to her training place again. This time .. to eat.

Das ist speisekarte

Suan Long ...

Loads of food ... very delicious, yummylicious ... it's like home cooking ... aww i miss it so much :(

Since it's New Year, it's always associated with alcohol ... drinking .. clubbing ... and I quit drinking, yeah right ... haha :p show you a pic ... it's all Goh's ... taken in Jojo's room


Anonymous said...

michy..u better quit drinking many bottles..kaki botol memang...drink coke yea..hahaha

Nyokk said...

hhhaha im not kaki botol, yah quit already, considered la ... even in clubs, i drink 2 shots maximum, not more than that :D