Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Sawadee ka.

I'm off today and it is already 10 pm ... soooo fast. Laeow laeow. I feel I didnt do a single thing except moving place. I have checked in, to a youth hostel in the city of Geneve, just 5 minutes [haar] walk from Cornavin. I found that through the net and I took a map that Galih gave me and start looking. Actually, I dont have to because the direction they put on their site is really easy. No, I am not there now, blogging from Galih's place. He's asleep again :s Quite nice place, clean and it's just at Rue de Lausanne ... so convenient unlike the one I saw yesterday quite dodgy when walk at nite coz it's some place quite far in.

Yuppy ... moving today but not every single thing. I dont think I can manage all haha with so many stuff :S It's just ba ... ba ba ba.

50 soldes .... 70 soldes ... shoppinggggg :D but that was last Friday haha yut leh [stop]

Swatch ... yoohoo

Das ist shoen ... :) chai pah?

hahah before and after

There's sun :o omg ... :o

Yeay snow ... :S after that I froze haha ...

Weiss ... white ... blanc ... putih

Mountain :D

work ik laeow proong nee, pla tong mak mak


Crawling Creature said...

eh...dont try 2 b hero okie? its snow le... :s :s :s :s

the last pic nice le...i like it !

oh yea....did u skate?

Nyokk said...

i always try to be hero, that's me haha

it's called skii not skate :s