Monday, January 8, 2007


Ohne Dich

erm too difficult i cant understand haha i only understand the title which means without you and a few others only kaka

Loso - lerk lawe tor gun

I dunno what's it all about, I dont even know the title of the meaning haha mai kaow chai

Loso - Mae

Hahha I have this song on my lappie, I downloaded quite some time ago, I know what the title meant .. it means "mother"

Bird Thongchai and Loso - Sabai sabai

I only know a few words from the entire song haha, I have also this song in my lappie

Loso - ngow kid teung raw

Ngow means lonely, kid means think, teung means of, and raw means wait .. this song is about a guy whose gf had gone away and he cant stop thinking of her

Loso is very famous in Thailand and he looks so young for his age. He's 45 btw.

SIllyfools - Ngao
I have this toooo .... though I dont know what the title means .. again ik laeow

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