Friday, February 9, 2007

Around in London

One whole day out .. so nice!! This is how my off day should be!!! HAHA! Okie .. I have finally move every single thing from Galih's place and going to send back more stuff as I seriously do not think that I will be using it and wearing those clothes anymore provided they are in good condition. Those in not so good condition is gonna be thrown away. You know what? There were 3 people helped me to move .. aww so nice. Those 2 neighbours .. my gawd ... 408 and 407 ... my cam was filled with Galih's pic while Poom's cam was filled with Jojo's pic :S

London London London ... not going to finish so fast yet as I have many many pics but of course not all are gonna be uploaded

We were walking around London by ourselves .. Clod was working, it's fine as we can find stuff to do such as taking pictures

Her Majesty's Theatre

Galileo .. nothing special about this but I remembered the first few classes of Hospitality System, Galileo was mentioned

Took this from above ... to the right :D

and to the left

Switzerland!!! Die Schweiz!! La Suisse!!

1st time seeing all these things in front of my eyes .... I have never seen anything like that before, what to do .. village girl haha

Telephone booth ... so attractive

Welcome to Carnaby Street, Bienvenue a la rue Carnaby, Wilkommen im Carnaby Strasse

I like that .. it's nice

OMG!!! Burgerr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fooodddddddd


Sabrina said...

Wow.. now you're in London! That's very cool... hehe.. what is it like over there?

Nyokk said...

hie ... no no, im not in London now, I went there for visiting only in early December ... it's busy, packed, many foreigners and just ... erm big city haha