Thursday, February 8, 2007

Blacklisted for life

This is the first ever time in Switzerland that I blacklist a shop. I have blacklisted since last Thursday and this will be for life.

See, since it was my off day, I decided to get some stuff from Galih's place which is in Servette. I seldom take bus 9 but it so happens that I took bus 9 that day coz it stops inside Gare Cornavin and I dont have to walk in from the main road if I were to take bus 3 or 10. I have not been to those shops located behind of Gare Cornavin before. Therefore, I took a stroll down and decided to enter the Thai shop. Nothing's really great there, the Thai noodles is expensive, it costs 80 Rappen instead of 60.

So fine ... as I walked further I saw something. "Soldes" which means sales :o I entered. Then, this guy, the owner ... erm I dunno, I just sensed that he's weird. So, when his worker left, I decided to just leave too. As I wanted to get out from that pathetic shop, out of the blue he greeted me bonjour. Obviously I greeted him in return. Suddenly, he asked how am I. I answered ... coz that's normal ... strangers will just ask how are you. But then .. the door is so small and I think he wanted to block my way or something. I tried to get out from the right [he was standing right in front of me blocking my way] I couldnt, left I couldnt .. and finally to the right again .. I got off successfully ... phew. He looks like some retarded perverted uncle. Something's funny though, he's already like one head shorter than me, and he tried standing damn straight up to be taller which I think is so damn absurd.

He's Asian Chinese .. and possibly from China, I'm not sure but definitely not Malaysia. He's selling some chinese clothes and others too.

Conclusion: blacklist for life

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