Sunday, February 4, 2007

In Basel

My next few entries happened in December ... so it's all history ... way way back ... last year.

It's kind of a last minute thingy that we decided to go to London ... ;) backside itchy .. before graduation and after finals of course.

So both of us Yu Wen and I ... left IMI early in the morning .. actually not that early but still it's early haha ... we left almost noon as we had to change money as well as buy pressie AND ... head to Basel Airport from Luzern Bahnhof.

See what we saw? Kita, sebagai anak malaysia .. berasa bangga kerana ternampak MAS [we, as Malaysian kids feel proud to see Malaysia Airlines] Malaysia truly Asia .. but then we got deceived ... it's actuallly just MAS Cargo haha

In Basel's Airport ... waiting for them to call ....

I know this is not allowed ... but we took it without anyone seeing ... to Stansted Airport ;) with EasyJet, a budgeted airline across Europe, serve exactly the same purpose as AirAsia

And so .. we finally reached ... and my gawd .. it's like never ending kind of escalator ... wait .. is this called escalator? But anyway ... it's damn long ... like never gonna end

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