Saturday, February 17, 2007

It was snowing in Geneva!

The weather these days are getting warmer and warmer, the sun is out to hunt people, people such as me that can melt down :p

Having off days on Friday and Saturday is the best days that I could ever ask for because ... those are the 2 busiest days of the week. I know I sound like some bums .. but then .. the other 5 days I work hard okie. Enough ... actually come to think of it, dont have to la. But nvm, anak malaysia boleh ... show that anak malai boleh pakai :D must prove it to them :p

So anyway, since that the sun is out there, summer is already on the way and hell is coming for me, I shall post those pics of the snow that I took a couple of weeks ago.

Snowing! In Geneva? :o :o ohhh my ....

Just outside of the restaurant I'm working ..

This is my fave bus stop, those days I seldom use this as my beloved bus 29 is not available every hour but only certain hours

This is already in la gare .. opposite of it actually, all filled with snow

This is a footstep of someone just outside the hostel I was staying before ...

Kastanienbaum ... I posted this view before ... and it was all green and now all white .. so much nicer ... to me

And ... on that particular day it snowed, I actually dont have to walk home but I somehow did. Just a few days later in the bus only did I realize that there are actually trams and busses still available .. I was so out of my mind that I automatically walked back ...amazing, first time in my life I was hardworking ... at least it once in my lifetime ...

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