Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Masala Zone

I am working extra one hour tomorrow, I mean today ... schedule: 12-4 and 6.30-11 pm. Next week is a torturing week ... again schedule 4 all the way, mati sial, die, thai laeo, wuerfel.

So, continued from the previous posts .. we took bus and met Clod at Regent Street near her working place and just thought of having Thai food for lunch that day, who knows ... not our day to eat Thai food. That particular restaurant had no electricity and so, we had to find other place to eat, which eventually ends up in the restaurant she works for in the nite as she has 2 jobs. If I am not mistaken it is called Masala Zone, an authentic Indian cuisine located in Carnaby Street and has 2 other branches. Yeah it sounded like a problematic zone if literally translated into English from Malay but it's really problematic in the sense that if you dont enjoy the food.

For more information click here and their own website click here

It's a busy busy place. They have a wide range of food and drinks. Just take any pick and you will enjoy the authenticity, especially if you feel like you have not eaten any Indian food for years then you will truly enjoy it haha. I wanted to try so many other things but I have only one stomach ... too bad. The deco and stuff has a very Indian atmosphere in it too :)

Claudine ordered this ..

Yu Wen had rice :D

and finally mine ...

dammit ... I cant blog about food ... I am always making myself hungry ... scheisse!


ikanbilis said...

oh gosh im crazying for char kuey teow now!

Kenneth said...

Ugh, I'm so hungry too now :-/

Nyokk said...

azhan: me too!! shit but that's not char kuey teow

kenneth: same here haha

Zoe said...

heyhey elleeeee... *envious* la the one & only malaysian restaurant at my place closed shop already!

now i can't evene eat the super expensive nasi lemak! :(

Nyokk said...

what you envious? haha here no malaysian restaurant also hehe

Zoe said...

the indian food!! is close to m'sian food already! especially yours... like fried kuey teow ler.