Monday, February 5, 2007

Oh London

Yeay .. we arrived in London finally. Before we could actually find the place we were going to stay, we were just too hungry ... hungry as though we have not eaten for one whole month. So, we thought that this was the stop who knows ... it wasnt but we didnt know that. We thought it was right .. so we stopped at this place called Tai Tip or something like that and Claudine later told us that it's the cheapest ever food we can find in London and the portion is so god damn big. One dish can actually be shared between two person. This shows how big it is.

We call it Coca in French part but we call it Cola in German part ... and in Malaysia .. Coke haha

This was what Yu Wen ordered ... ;) after convertion, it is still much cheaper than the food here in Swiss

Looks so nice ... my gawd I made myself hungry ... sheisse

Later on, Claudine called me ... saying that she was waiting for me at another stop so we have to leave and went to find where is the accommodation we supposed to stay in. It is called Steve's Break and Breakfast, very convenient place. Though it is quite gross haha .. but then it's alright as it is located at a very convenient place where shops are available and public transport is easily accessible.

We then checked in and paid for it ... later on ... Claudine took us around London and basically the whole of London already ... finally stopped at the restaurant she was working ... now ... bye bye already haha

We took some pics on the way but many of them turned out very blur and here are 2 of the many pics we took

Here we are ... London

Fountain na ...

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