Sunday, March 25, 2007

Change of time


I got freaked out ... I accidentally keyed in the wrong pin code for my Sunrise number 3 times and it got blocked and I was asked to key in the PUK code instead. Lahh .. how would I know my PUK code. Luckily .. I can do it online at eSunrise phew ...

Oh yea ... and finally the time is here ... the time will go one hour forward for summer, which means we will be behind Msian time for only 6 hours, instead of the current 7. Oh damn ... hell is here .... yeah the change of time will take place at 3am later

And ... scheisse ... fish soup poured on me today ... again. 2nd time already ... people just love to bang and knock into me when I'm carrying stuff like that ... sigh .. whatever ... but not saying anything, not cursing :D coz the person who knock into me is nice so .. leave it :D haha bias :p

But .. something weird happened today ... I wasnt sure of the wine, whether is it red or white .. so I asked the bar man ... blanc or rouge ... who knows ... he told me in German instead ... as weiss[white] ... o.O I got so shocked o.O but thennnn... I think he actually meant red and not white :S

and ... and ... I dont know why they wanna give me my off days so soon. I want it on Thursday Friday or Saturday .. I mean the end of the week is totally fine but .. they are giving it to me on MOnday ... o.O work for 2 days off again. Dont torture me like that -_- dei ...

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