Thursday, March 22, 2007

drama happens

It was extremely busy few days ago ... yeah god dang busy and the best thing could happened during that hours.

One word ... DRAMA!

Yeah so many drama happeened that day. People shouting at each other. Arguments. Fightings. Oh la la. One spoke English and couldnt understand French. One spoke French and couldnt understand English. Yet, they could argue. It's just amazing how these things could happen. I am not any participant, and being a spectator is always the best, stay out of trouble :)

Later on, another idiot came blaming others and started another argument due to the delivery of the food. Again, I am not involved I am just a spectator.

Third drama, somebody wanted to touch one girl and she slapped him twice and the third time, she wanted to punch him haha. OMG! I miss that! Damn! That's like once in a life drama.

That's it and I am working closing today, but I am going like one hour earlier as I want my dinner. The only motivation for me is the food and that's it. Kinda sad, isn't it? Yea another 3 months of sadness.

Hehe ... anyway .. I'm off tomorrow so doesnt really matter :) Every week, I am just waiting for my off days and waiting and waiting for the next one, not looking forward for anything else. haha. ciao need to get my beauty nap :D


zeroimpact said...

Day off!
Yes, I'm waiting for it too and drama, I like to stay out too

R.J said...

oi dont complain la.. ur earnin much more than me hahaha.
cilaka here in msia so low the pay.


Nyokk said...

zeroimpact: yeah it's best not to get involve and yeahhh ... offff dayyyy :D

rj: but u dont have to pay rent, food so much cheaper haha :p