Monday, March 12, 2007

Eat again

After all that walking, all that waiting and all that whatever ... it's time to eat ... our lunch .. :D We ate in this restaurant named Kwai ... actually I ate there before with Pla Tong haha .. not bad, can give a second visit. It's a combination of ... again .. Chinese and Thai food. It's located just at the corner of la gare

Thai Fried Rice .. correct me if I am wrong ..

And I do not know if this is plaa or gai ... fische oder poulet? I forgot .. but I think it's plaa ...

Later on, Jojo got a call from Am .... and she said she was coming to Geneva .... dei what happened la .. why are all the mountain boy and girl coming to Geneva. She came, I went to do laundry, Jojo left and said goodbye ... and I waited for Am's call, Am is not to be confused with Arm ...

Then, who knows I got a call from Galih instead and Am was with him then and asked me to join them ... you know what? They were eating ... =.= okie I went to eat too. This is a Japanese-Chinese restaurant called Boky located just one minute away from where I stay and it has Malaysian menu ... yessssss ... Malaysian menu!!!! Can die wei .. how to resist? Eat lar ...

Lemon chicken, though it's a bit too sweet but ... really can kill me ... it's so damn nice!

Yeah this is the place I am working .. saw the arrow? That's the place ... Zara is at the left corner ... Jeand & Co. is the same row as Zara nearer to us, there's a chocolate shop just few doors away from my working place. The lights on the road has a message in it and each one is different and it comes in so many different languages. And ... this is the finest things in life = EAT, MAKAN, GIN KAU, ESSEN ... *peace*

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