Monday, March 26, 2007

Hanging out @ Kastanienbaum bus stop

After our dinner at Song Pi Nong, we headed back to IMI ... I mean, I have to no matter what as Poom asked me to pass a letter to reception ... then as we were hanging out, we saw Mr curry haha ... and just the day before that, I saw someone looked like him in Geneva o.O

So anyway .. after few hours chilling out, we decided to go to town to buy some beverages :D from ... Bahnhof

This is the bus stop of Kastanienbaum ... oh damn I miss this place .. langsam[slow]

I like this pic of Yu Wen, very nice feeling ... ;)

and I shall turn the opposite way haha

after standing so long, it's time to sit ... tired ... haha ...

Even though I was there for 6 months, I didnt know there's a nice place to take pic at Kastanienbaum ... well usually you wouldnt know it when it's right in front of you and will only realize it once it's gone ... I mean not to say that it's GONE la .. but .. it's the deeper meaning of it .. you know what I mean


Patchay said...

aiya ... i nyokkk u la .. its aso time to change ur yokk in header lo.

btw wat r u studying in swiss? i blog link xchange u k? cya!

Mochi said...

LOL dont nyokk me la .. yah i lazy only .. going to do that soon hehe

I'm studying hotel management .. actually finished .. just doing my internship now .. ok ok I'll link you too hehe