Sunday, March 18, 2007

Hell is here

I have red a red eye today ... left eye to be precise. I was already at work and my eyes just couldnt open, not that I was sleepy, but my eyes were so pain and so sore until couldnt open. So basically I was just using my right eye to do all the work. Tears just couldnt stop flowing down. It's automated flowing down tears and only on my left eye ahha. Therefore, before starting work, I changed to my specs. Yeah, this is the first ever time in my entire life that I wore glasses to work. Everyone were like .. why do you wear glasses -_- err .. how to answer la dei and isnt it obvious why am I wearing it? :s so I have to tell them that usually I wear lenses ... feel really kekok [awkward] wearing glasses. I dont know why it has been a long time I did not wear glasses out. I do that also coz I have to ... not that I wanted too haha.

Saturday is hell, I feel like I am really in hell. It felt that for this 10 hours that I worked, it's like one week kind of work and defintely lack of commis from 3pm-6pm. I have no time to even drink water. Let's not talk about drinking, even to look at my watch, I dont have time for that and it needed me until 5.30 to be able to take a look at my watch to see the time. My back was so pain and all I really need is a massage, in which I can only dream. Alright, tonight I will dream of getting massage haha. Who knows I was so happy at 10 that I can finally leave who knows??????? I needed to work OT .. half an hour extra ... torture sial. My back can really break, as well as both my hands and wrists. Sigh ... nevermind, take it as an exercise haha. Tam mai? WHy? Why do they have to give me a torturing shift just after I get back from my off days and it has to be on a Saturday, the busiest ever day of the week where usually people do not have life and have to eat there.

Gone case, I have to do 3 days of closing next week ... sigh sigh sigh ...

This is actually a pic taken just right after we reached back in Luzern from London, it felt so nice to be back

Wow .. Deutsch ... no more English haha

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