Sunday, March 11, 2007

Let's eat and get fat

Once upon a time in Geneva in February 2007, there was this mountain boy named Jojo who came down from a mountain to a city. What happened? Being a mountain boy and not knowing how a city feels and looks like, he needs many tour guides to bring him around and explain to him what is this and what is that. haha :p

This is my ever popular beloved neighbour where so many people used to go to his room [girls and guys], used to be neighbour and my classmate ... 408 ... as vain as always ... and the same goes to ....

My used to be next door neighbour 407 who out of a sudden just freaked me out from the window and supper kaki ... yu wen, jojo, ah boi ... that's why all gained weight haha and my Thai teacher of course, he's only my German classmate

This is the clock, located in down town .. where it is so freaking near to my work place, they just have to go to Zara ... and Zara is like few seconds from where I work -_- on my off days I still have to see it :s and Poom, my another Thai teacher, who did Masters, joined classes for Marketing, our sleeping pill and PDP, the bull shit class :D see how good your bullshittting skills is :D

After that, we went to walk around .. bla bla bla ... took mountain boy to shop haha umm ... and .. and ... food time *blink blink*

Poom took us to this restaurant called Hungky located in Rue de Fribourg, near Rue de Lausanne. Click here for info of the restaurant. It specialises in Chinese food but there are Thai food available too.

Tom Yam Gar Gai ... it's not the normal tom yam we usually eat, this is with coconut milk ... I have eaten tom yam gar gai before and it taste so much better than this, maybe it's their style, i dont know but i just dont like it

This is soup, why soup? Because I forgot what is it called hha ... jam mai dai .. entshuldigung, ich vergesse ... lupa ... but Poom said it's not bad

This is duck ... this is nice .... I ate it ... ah loi ... sedap ... Geschmack gut .. taste good

Cantonese ... Jojo said it's good .. so .. good haha

When I saw the menu, it said char siew, I got so excited ... really ... I was so excited to know that there's char siew and I will be able to eat it. WHO KNOWS???? When the food came, umm it looks a tad weird, and WHO KNOWS again ... it tasted so god damn different from what I have imagined. Disappointed to the max, no char siew for me .. it tasted so god damn different from ours .. fail ...

It was a happy day for me, happy la why not rite? So, I tend to be able to eat more ... ordered again, har kau ... this is not bad .. but not superb ... pass

Service wasnt good okay ... the waitress that served us was so damn nice to us .. I mean too nice we couldnt take it haha ... in a sarcastic manner of course. But of course anytime better than the ones in Malaysia but stilll .. it's rude... ewww .... terrible.

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