Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Born under the sign of the scales, there is a marked note of them always involved in the balancing act. And because most of them are born bright, there is little for them to worry in this world. They are not known to be the aggressive lot and believe in living life to the fullest.

Most Librans maintain a cool disposition as most of their time is spent in understanding their set priorities. More often than not they tend to be most successful because of their analytical powers. Being the charmers of the zodiac, they have a good mix of work and pleasure. They are known to be well dressed and appreciate those who are. Most of them follow the fashion and trends according to their calculations and according to what they feel would suit them.

Being the balanced people that they are, their more involved in professions that require serious thinking. A great place for them to be is the field of Internet Technology or even the medical line. Although the best surgeons are Scorpions, for their quality of being utterly aggressive, Librans on the other hand also have an inclination towards Philosophy. It’s not difficult to understand why.

Most lawyers, thinkers and creative geniuses are either Librans or Aquarians. It is no wonder to mark that they all vibe very well with each other. Librans are also known to be extremely forthright. They have a history of thinking, analysing and speaking their mind. And at most times, they are fairly accurate. Perhaps the most interesting sign after the Capricorn is Libra. Most men as Librans make excellent husbands.

They have a common trait of bringing in comic relief to people’s lives. A number of theatre artistes who have their heads steeped in creativity, especially those who understand and pursue comedy as a serious profession are Librans. Paired with Aquarians and they are at their creative best. It is also one sign who surprisingly does not waver in terms of making decisions. It is only their excessive analysis that leaves them to be absolutely confused. Most times, they never admit that they are confused, they merely claim that they require a second opinion.

Physical Traits
As people, you can spot Librans to have the most original smile, making them the charmers of the zodiac. Irrespective of how demanding or trying the situation may be for them, Librans are known to take it in their stride. You’ll never find a stressed or grouchy Libra, and at most times, they are great listeners, thereby making them logically powerful orators. They are one sign who takes things as it comes, without the unnecessary burden of stress. Librans are also lovers of the aquatic world, this may not be true for all but for a large spectrum of people, it is. They are the ones with a deep interest in nature as well as natural remedies. This again is quite logical for a hyper enthusiastic person would demand instant results. Of course successful Librans do tend to be highly lethargic as they believe that their goals in life will ultimately be achieved and that being aggressive would ruin some interesting moments in life.

The only thing that is perhaps tailor made for them is that they are and are generally occupied as it were in getting these sorted out. They prone to skin infections, don’t easily get angry, but in case they do it would only be as long as a bubble burst. The best known sons, daughters and husbands, you could always depend on a Libra for your best friend.

So if you ever want to have a really smooth life, (if there is something like that!) you could always rely on a Libran. They are best paired with Aquarians and Scorpions alike. Aquarians because their creativity is best unfurled with them. And interestingly, they get along equally well as an Aquarian is best known for his hyper active and aggressive side, Libra gives in his most valuable and pleasant 9read as complacent) approach to the Scorpion.

whoa damn long .... where are the bad side of Libran =.= *bold font are the ones which is true or those I think it's true or maybe it's true* others I dont know, or not true, or I have no idea myself haha


jason said...

hmm , i have a Libran friends that doesn't fit those description at all.

And it would be nice if you could highlight which Libran traits do you think that suits you most ^_^

Mochii said...

hahhaha err wanted to do that but im plain lazy will try to hehe

tIcKLe`Me said...

leo, ada?

Kim said...'re in Switz now..should take the time to ski yea.. =)
im in Les Roches. next semester starts in July..
right now im working in Crans-Montana. kinda near my school. its a ski resort area so im only working the winter season..
that means im going home in TWO WEEKS!!!!!!!!!

Mochii said...

sp: i googled for libran only u try to click on the title n c if there is coz i inserted the link i took this from hehe

kim: ohh les roches, so are you in 1st yr, 2nd yr or 3rd haha coz my place has 2 trainees from les roches as well hahah. Only winter! damn!n2 weeks?????? omggggggg .... but i already tried ski-ing in davos, it's cool haha