Friday, March 30, 2007

The lions ROAR

Since that SP and Dolphania requested for Leo, I googled from the same site I took of Libra. So, all Lions, read carefully ;)

Generally, the images that each sign bears, by and large distinguishes the characteristics of the person belonging to it. We start with Leo’s this time, the brightest of the lot and yet the ones that are most despised at, after of course Scorpions. As we were taking about facial features, it‘s also interesting to note that each person belonging to the specific sign, actually begins to look like the symbol, he o she is born under!

The Roaring Lions

Of course this is not a hard and fast rule that every Leo should look like a lion, there are certain features that distinctly resembles their well being! For instance, most Leo’s have slightly to very high cheek bones, resembling a lion. Most of them are proud to belong to their cult, irrespective of what it may be, either zodiac or gender. But as a rule, whether culture moulds them into being one, they all possess horrible tempers, are largely prudent in their approach, mean serious business and innately have this universal feeling of ruling the world.

Be it Arnold Schwarzenegger or Robert De Niro, or even Madonna, each Leo possess this ardent need to be seen, and loved! Most of them are hard workers and can go to any length to achieve their means. Like lions, Leo’s intrinsically have really bad tempers and the Fire in their sign only add more fuel to get them going. Besides being boisterous in their approach, they can at times do with logic to accept the norms in society. But then here too it really needs to be steeped in logic for it to be accepted!

Jealousy, a second nature
Jealousy is actually a Leo’s second nature, almost as comparable to his first! You can live with a Leo if you agree to accept his/ her terms! If not, then as Milton put it, "Hell would break loose!" Although most of them are emotionally deranged, especially in love, it’s not surprising for an Aquarian to put up with them, with oodles of flattery, despite it being an opposite sign, though of course, not for long. But to ask them to be accepting, they can only on their own terms.

The really strange part is that they seem to make millions on their own thanks to this feature! Whatever do I mean? Well, it’s a wee bit complicated, but I’ll explain. Since jealousy is their second or first nature, it actually works well for them. Wanting to score a point over everyone being their ardent goal, Leo’s surprisingly take this on to their advantage! They slog like there’s no tomorrow for that short span of brightness that springs them back into limelight. It is no wonder that even at the wrong side of 40, Madonna still gives a youngster a massive complex!

What’s really interesting about them is the fact that despite going around with humongous egos, they still don’t their confidence to be shattered, especially not for long; one of the many things that we need to learn from them! And it is perhaps this confidence that makes them succeed in life, one of the reasons for their ‘never-say-die-attitude! Most of them love nature and natural things as nature teaches them their lessons in life, in the most subtle manner! One of the things I’ve learned from Leo’s is how to politically manipulate and get your job done, and make all the noise in the world about it.

Of course it wasn’t possible to blow one’s own trumpet all the time, the people belonging to this sign definitely teaches one to live their lives to the fullest! Something that we all need to learn from them! Since most of us exist, drag each day after the other, but rarely get to live it to the full circle! Most of us brag, complain about what we should have received in life, I guess it’s people like these who make us believe in ourselves, especially the fact that if you cannot love yourself, you can’t love anyone!

Blog will be updated tomorrow during my break time or after work as I am DEADLY tired today despite the fact that I was given the permission to leave at 10.30, still .. feeling really exhausted.
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tIcKLe`Me said...

not really true lor.

schnecke~ said...

im leo~

Ponderous Maximus said...

And the lion roars..

I'm leo.. does those things explains me??

Mochii said...

sp: im not the writer haha i just copy paste so true or not .. base on individual i guess?

schnecke: hehe if only there's a horoscope called snail :D

mehh: haha i dont know, you know yourself better

Wan Yean said...

next post: scorpio!!

Mochii said...

omg ... since when I'm horoscope provider haha ...

R.J said...

hoho u actually went and find ah? hehe Danke schon!!
ehh which website ah? send me the linky

Kim said...

thanks. =)
wat a small world. lol. the last i heard of linda was that she's sharing an apartment now with one of my good friends, Ankita. are you close to her?

Mochii said...

rj: haha ya la aiseh .. bitte shoen :D ok ok will post it up ;)

kim: haha yea she's sharing an apartment with 10 people now haha she doesnt have her own place, she tried looking for it but couldnt coz it's geneva haha ... and vasil is also training here hehe

mannchyun said...

most Leo’s have slightly to very high cheek bones, resembling a lion.

do i look like a lion? rofl

Mochii said...

hahahhaha .. damn funny le that part