Sunday, March 25, 2007


Few weeks ago, probably 2 ... I met up with Yu Wen :D and we went to our normal favourite place to eat. Where? Of course our beloved Song Pi Nong in Luzern.

It has been such a long time that we did not eat there together ... nicht zusammen

Neng cola ... now so used of saying Coca instead of Cola already haha .. Coca is being used in the French part while Cola is being used in the German part ... and Msia .. coke haha and they are now using a smaller glass haha cute .. na rak na

After flipping through the menu aka Speisekarte from front to back and back to front for a couple of times, seems that we have almost tried all except for the fish aka plaa aka Fisch aka poisson. Tadaaa ... it's time to try

Haha it's fish ... hot chilli Isaan fish or something like that I forgot .. but we can choose how many chillis we want it to be in the dish ... 2 is not enough for us ... next time we will put more .. and oh my .... it's really delicious ... drooling already now ... es schmeckt sehr gut ... ah loi mak mak ... :D

Better get going to bed now .. supposingly to be almost 1 .. but time has changed ... arrrrghhh ... I want winter!!

I'm doing closing again ... uurgh ... =.= babi sial

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