Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Rain is good, snow is good

I used not to like rain at all ... coz it was so difficult to see while driving but I do not like the sun as well and when I started my internship here, I didnt like it either as I have to get wet while going to work. That was my first thought until recently when the restaurant is already extended outside at the terrace, which means, I have to walk further, work harder and be deeper in hell haha and in the end of the day, I will be so damn exhausted.

I have changed my thought. I am in love with the rain now, I don't mind getting wet, I really really do not mind at all. Why? Reason being if it rains, nobody will be outside at the terrace as there's no shed. I dont have to work so hard, I dont have to walk so far, I dont have to be dead in the end of the day. Doesn't it sound great? Fabulous for me.

Everyday, I just hope and wish that it rains, I am not asking for snow ... just rain is good enough. Who knows that yesterday, I heard from Yu Wen that it was snowing in Zurich and saw Kelvin's nickname that it's snowing in Kastanienbaum. But, not in Geneva. Who knowss????? Before I left for work, I saw the weather and I got so happy because it was RAINING. When I was working, it started to snow a little bit. Temperature dropped to 3 celcius today, and usually it's like what ... 13 Celcius .. 15 Celcius. Everyone put on scarf again but I didnt .. as usual hehe, COLD is GOOD.

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According to forecast, it's gonna snow this whole week and that is paradise, I love it. Oh snow .. I am waiting for you .. ich warter fuer Sie. Chan raw :D I dont mind .. and I love it .. that's the best thing I could ever ask for.

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