Saturday, March 17, 2007

Sepuluh Jam

Damn tired today ... I'm tired everyday haha usually tired due to work, but even my off days I'm tired ... due to the travelling hours haha. As mentioned and as intended to, I did go to the Motorshow in Geneva and it's so damn huge, serious weh. Ticket cost 14 CH. I should just say that I am 16 years old then I can get cheaper rate haha. The guy selling the ticket thought that I'm sitting my PMR this year = 15 .... zzz ... should have said 16 sigh but too bad they check ID, if not .. can actually get discounted rate haha. Where on earth I look 15 .. doink =.=

Proong nee ... morgen ... esok ... I am working a bloody straight 10 hours, see die or not. At least they provide meals haha. Yea .. that's the only thing keeps me working. Food, damn da sad rite? That's my only motivation. The best part about working tomorrow is there is another trainee who is doing exactly the same shift as me. It is actually okay but the fact is .. of all people, I have to work with this fella -_- erm ... my god, possibility of getting annoyed again is ... quite high haha.

Getting chubbier each day ... this is a one week old pic ...

Haha .. nothing better to do

That's the elevator in front of me

Hope I dont vomit blood when I work tomorrow ... *pray*

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