Saturday, March 24, 2007

A story about Mr. L

It's the road to death again with 10 hours straight ... sigh

Entertainment time ... :D

Look at the pic ...

So here it goes, once upon a time .. there was a guy named Mr L. Mr L likes talking a lot, or rather crapping. Unfortunately, the way he craps is so shitty that it irritates so many people and some turned away from him yet he doesnt realize that. Instead, he just thinks that he is so happening and so cool and everyone LOVES him which obviously is the other way round. He used to have a job, a job that requires a lot of crapping and that's sales. Currently, he has no job and people think that he got fired with too much crapping and not well presented. It is also suggested that he needs to go back to school to learn the meaning of respect as it doesnt exist in his dictionary. Though sometimes ... things are obviously his fault, he turn things around to make it as if the other person is at fault. He thought that it's still high school, wanting to be popular and stuff which is .. just .. nonsense and bull shit. He really should consider retiring from crapping coz it just doesnt suit him. Doesnt know to draw a line and limit oneself is totally absurd and should just bang his own bloody donkey head against the wall. *kaboom* *aiyakk .. helppp .. painnn*

Now let's talk about the picture ..
ich bin ein mongo = I am a retard
ich bin fett = I am fat
ich bin scheisse = i am shit
c'est moi = that's me

It's all being said by him *imagine lar* .. yay .. Mr L is patheticly short and what a pity .. he's also fat XD and obviously just full of shit and so full of himself. I wonder if he knows what's a mirror heh?

If he ever look himself in the mirror, this is what he will see

scheisse ... shit .. tahi and definitely arschloch and chu tia and obviously an ugly one hehe haha ai hia loo kee :D

okie I'm done :D


Schnecke ~ said...

why suddenly french come out? :S:S:S:S:S::S

Nyokk said...

hhhaha it's international term :p

schnecke~ said...

oooh likedat summore....hehe :o

actually who's tht "Mr Lucky" eh?

*loof left, look right *

Mochi said...

yeah la put german .. it's not a well known word but french is haha :D

my lucky is the best friend of mr ass :p