Friday, April 20, 2007


Couple of weeks ago, I FINALLY managed to go to this shopping mall in Geneva, the biggest shopping mall in the whole Geneva.

It has been dont-know-how-many-donkey-months I have not stepped my foot into a shopping mall. So ... finally I made it, big achievement woah ... in my dreams. It's not in town or in the city ... you have to take Bus 10 which heads towards the Airport as it's on the way there.

So ... there I went ... got down at the stop called something Balexer(t) .. you can never miss that stop unless you are practically blind coz it's located literally opposite the stop.

This is from the outside, lucky kids ... one school is located also at the opposite of this shopping mall ...

Inside view, there are so many shops there, H&M, C&A, Yendi, Claire, Interdiscount, Mobile shop, restaurants, cafe, post office, Credit Suisse, cinemas, and etc ... so convenient! Not to forget that there's a Migros there .... and it's triple M .. not double M ... chun sial .. triple M means it's bigger than the normal Migros [MMM] and I went again few days ago, bought a box of strawberry!!!! 2.60 CH .... nice sial ... damn long since I last tasted strawberry .. yummz!

Finally I have finished the Shopaholic book :D nice nice!! Recommended :D


always~ said...

someone went shopping wei~

and bought a box of strawberry....faster finish it or else potato will droll over it...

Mochii said...

it's okie, i finished it on the same day itself haha