Saturday, April 21, 2007

Eating in Lausanne

Soon after Moevenpick, we went over to .... Manor, as Am put it "the big Manor" XD

Right after 7pm, we went to Lausanne ... why 7? Gratis .. freeee :D So ... went over to have dinner there in an Asian restaurant called Majong where they have Thai, Chinese, Japanese and so forth. Unfortunately, Bryant had forgotten the way there and then we decided to ask an Asian guy who coincidentally were at the place we were sesated. His accents sounds like Thai ... and very like Arm, like .. super duper like Arm okay. Anyway ... we went ....

There ... we finally reached ;)

The menu

You have to order at the counter, take number and seat and they will then call your number once it's ready. Yup, it's like a self service kind of thing.

I ordered Pat Thai ... ah loi mak mak na ...

Japanese ... hehe sorry I forgot what is it called, jam mee dai na ... Kim ordered this

and beef, which Bryant added chilli in it and ended up sweating like ... :o

Later on, we went back .... bye bye Lausanne :p


SOn said...

wah the mee reminds me of dry malay mee back in malaysia.

Mochii said...

mee? pat thai? it reminds me of char kueh teow hehe