Thursday, April 5, 2007

L'auto Salon Geneve 03

I finished at 1 today, as expected ... I dont mind staying til so late, luckily he didnt ask me to leave earlier, honestly speaking, I dont wanna leave earlier, I wanna stay til the end because I still owe them 5 working hours for March, as I only worked 162 hours for that month when I actually supposed to work for 168 hours but ... add and minus for the month before ... it's 5 hours. So, I worked 9 hours today :D No, I wasnt and I am NOT possessed so not to worry

okay nice cars time ;)

hahah this is a tad weird :p

what spoils this whole pic is that WC or toilet =.= nvm can crop :D sorry la dei

chun tak?


Kim said...

one day i wana be as semangat as u and a whole lot of semangat people who personalize EVERY SINGLE PICTURE they put on their blogs.
aiyo. where you find the time and semangat for tht lar?... please donate some to me. HAHAHa.

Mochii said...

hahha one day, I know when ... you can do that on MOndayyyy ... your last day hehe ... eeeee some of my friends are finishing that day tooo eeee jealous. Er just few mins 2 edit hahaha