Tuesday, April 3, 2007

L'auto Salon Geneve

Remember that I went to the 77th International Motorshow in Geneve in mid March? Yeah ... and it's time for pics ... let them do the talking. But before that, when I just entered the place, one guy out of nowhere asked me 2 questions. Where do I live .. haha I dont know how to answer that, but I said I am presently in Geneve :p and next question, do I plan to buy a car in the next 5 years. Dont ask me, for sure I dont know la dei ...

This was the first car I took the moment I entered the place ...

Ee-oh ... ee-oh (with higher tone)... ee-oh (with lower tone) haha ... really really sounds as if the siren has no bat ... eh does it apply to police car umm .. I know ambulance for sure haha coz I hear the ambulance siren like almost every hour, I feel so sad for the people here ... it's as though there's someone who dies every hour, yea THAT frequent -_-

This car with a nice weather .. c'est parfait

I can see Germany's flag there .. Deutschland

This is the model they use, if there is ever one .. and it's fake hahah

hahah dont be surprise, there's even bicycle ... not only bikes and cars ... but not gonna post that up, sibeh lazy

Flying with wings .. yay

See what are all these fellas up to? Like... so .. interesting ... :o

Ahhh real model .. that explains why haha .. hehe she looked at my cam XD

Okie I know this is going to be boring, but I love my manager .. he let me off at 10.30 on Sunday while the one who was supposed to go at 11 didnt get the chance to go, which usually it happens the other way round, and there's only one left for closing. I didnt really do service that day too, I spent whole day cleaning the wall with Tina and I really really think they did that on purpose because it was busy during dinner :o


tIcKLe`Me said...

vrooom vroooooooom. sexay!

Mochii said...

LOL that's the only real model o.O

jasonphoon said...

aiyoo , only one model ? what kinda car show is this ? heheh

Mochii said...

haha they dont want people to go for the wrong reason i guess

zeroimpact said...

looks so much better than the motor show last time
More pics!!!

Mochii said...

hahaha wait lerr ... patient dei :p