Thursday, April 19, 2007

Montreux Trip 4

I got back from Zurich like 11 plus earlier and ... I just prefer Zurich over Genf. Umm ... well basically anywhere will do, except for Dulliken I guess? Things are looking good now ... well how can it be bad when I dont have to work, isnt it? I'm already towards the end reading Shopaholic book, just another 50 pages or so only. International Nite is going to be held this Friday and I am not going. Yeah .. since that people I know are not, so what's the point of going really. How fast time flies when it just feels like the previous International Nite happened yesterday. It was just a blink of an eye, the Malaysian corner, the discussion, the preperation, and the day itself with so many people from so many different countries and not forgetting the MAS people who came as VIP guests. Yeah and a few days time will be the next International Nite for IMI already. Sighz.

Anyway ... Montreux ...

I'm not lying, I really went to Montreux

I dedicate this to Moo Moo and "wish him a pleasant journey" quote from the SBB crew [SBB is the train that runs around Swiss like our KTM or LRT or some sort] as he's on the way or going to Milan now for business trip

This is la gare ... and that red thingy below there is the place to buy ticket, every train station or stop has it

This is Bahnhof ... whatever it is called, it means the same .. whether it is Bahnhof, la gare or train station

And up at gleis 1 or voie 1 or platform 1 ... waiting for the train heading towards Genf

And so, this is the closing of it :)


Zoe said...

dont like la... everytime i drop by sure see you go here go there...


by the way you going back in may too?

Mochii said...

hahahha u also mer ... u go n eat eat eat ... eat all nice foood ... so equal haha

no ler im going back in JUne, how long will you be back