Monday, April 9, 2007

One smooth day BUT arshloch ...

Someone just have to piss me when the day was going on smoothly without any arguments and all. It was such a smooth saily day but one arschloch just have to ruin everything. Not that he did make a big impact, but then .. it's alright.

Schwein: Hey, just take what's on the table, if you see it, it's yours
[he's talking about the bill that I found on the table, which I gave it to the waitress in charge of the table, even tips I dont take it d'uh idiot]
Me: If you want, you take it [annoyed]

Then, just before he left, he broke a glass

Schwein: Ur such a bad luck
Me: Excuse me =.=
Scwein: Ur bad luck that's why the glass broke
Me: Sorry ... I didnt break it, YOU did
Schwein: Yea I broke but ur here that's why I broke
Me: Ur the jinx okay, but say whatever makes you happy

D'uh babi ... you break glasses everyday, the amount you break one week can fight with the amount I broke in 3 months, serious shit. The jug water's shelf is now so empty when it used to full, thank you to him haha.

Something happened 2 days ago ...

One took something from behind the bar and now
Trust is broken
They really became like criminals now, nobody really trust them before and now even worse since that incident, not even allowed to enter the bar. Real sheisse, real babi ... real arschloch

I still prefer the previous guy who's in-charge of the whole restaurant ... aiiiii ....

8pm, he came telling me that the nice manager is working that night ... hoho do I need you tell me ... blahh ... he told me himself when I was having dinner already, chiew ... dont act like ur so smart .. chiew =.=

And ...

Yay I made the first ever decaffeine yesterday without any supervision when barman yesterday went down the store :D

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