Sunday, April 22, 2007

Shutting down and bye bye

Attention, achtung!!!

I have a very very important announcement to make. Yes, very. After being around in the blogging world since 2006 in Blogspot and July 2005 in Multiply, I have decided that this will come to an end. Yes, you read that right, I am closing down this blog due to my lack of inspiration to blog and the lack of mood.

I'll star working tomorrow and there's absolutely no holidays to me anymore, who knows I might need to work more than expected. Therefore, I will feel tired, exhausted and sort of. Therefore, this is the best time to close down this blog. Why do I choose this time? I dont know, feng shui.

For my dear friends and whoever, I feel really grateful that you take your time and drop by at this blog, even more so, some left comments and it means a lot to me. I'm also thankful for the existence of blog that I got to know more people and I will not forget you, I promise I wont and I will still pay you a visit at your blog. If not, there's still MSN. This blog is so dull, the story is boring, everything seems not right ... but you guys transformed this blog into a bright one. I'm so grateful for that and I will not forget that, ever.

Those who had dropped by anoymously, you know who you are and thanks lots, danke shoen.

It's a pity that its closing down, which means nobody is coming to visit me anymore, my life will be dull, I will miss you all, I will *bohooooo*

There will not be anymore post after this, so ... goodbye everyone, do contact me in MSN if there's anything and it can be reached at

Officially .... closing down.

Today, blogging as ...

Mochii and Michy ;) which means ... it's for real.

But ..

do you think I really mean it? My life is dull enough, I wont close it to make my life like a straight line, duller than it already is.

Yeah, thank you to BengBeng, you are just so sweeettttt. He tagged me ... so sweet of him :D he said want to close down, close down together gether, so I close down too haha

Let's see if these Dedes are shutting down theirs too like kylie, SP, Lober, Iwan, Son


tIcKLe`Me said...

uhm, means if i close down only you close down? :O

Mochii said...

I already shut mine hahah come la let's shut it down okeh :D

SOn said...

nolah ur blog whr got boring and dull.. i always enjoyed reading and looking at the pictures as u travel to diff places. it's nice, but a pity u closing down. Anyway, all the best for ur future!! and i'll never forget u too. :)

Mochii said...

aiks, you dont wanna close down with me? chiew .. they say i dont tag you =.= apa nie

Sasha said...

another of the bye bye tag huh? HAHAHAH

snail~ said...

omg...u're closing down for real :s


goodbye revoir ~..

tIcKLe`Me said...

she is not la. aiyo!! snail so blur. lol.

Mochii said...

sasha: yeay ur so smart hhehe

snail: LOL .. omg u sob... geli siut ... LOL au revoir schnecke :D

sp: haha forgive him, he's snail ... slow :p

Wan Yean said...

u for real? urgghh... at least post something BIG/RADICAL as ur closing ceremony ma.. make it memorable

Mochii said...

low profile la hahah .. post what le :p