Sunday, April 29, 2007

Vevey Trip 2

I'm back from Zuerich ... a place that I feel so much better than here .. partly because I work here :p I didnt even spend 24 hours in Zuerich ... ahha ... yeah and most of the time is spent in Wetzikon ... a nearby town of Zuerich

Anyway, let's continue with Vevey

It was so sunny, it was so hot that I could turn black in just a second under the sun and those buggers can go jogging at 3pm! Wah lau eh!

Flowers that I saw along the way

It's so god damn sunny

This is the lake, the same lake in Montreux and in Geneva, which is called either Geneva Lake of Lake Leman ... this part of the lake here is just so calm, so peaceful, unlike in Geneva .. it's a hotspot for tourists and it's so busy most of the time with activities and stuff that the calmness and peacefulness of the lake has gone

The rocks is just nice, isnt it?

Zuzu zutai at work tomorrow .... :D ciao ciao


Kim said...

i finally dropped back in after a whole week of disappearance..
yay~~ you put up so many pics!!!!
lol..u ar..tsk tsk...dont EVER do a joke on closing ur blog OR ever seriously close ur blog...i'd cry.. xD
anywya...hope ur havin fun there.. looks like u are.. =P

schnecke~ said...

the lake nice ler...can go sit there, doing ntg but staring at the lake... nice ~

Mochii said...

kim: hahah coz you went to kangaroo land :p enjoy leh ;) hahahaha ... not a joke, but a tag hehe ... cry ar? wah lau ... LOL :D

schnecke: that was what I did hahahah :D and talk talk just chilling out there :p

lasilasi said...

love the pics! is that zurich in switz?

Mochii said...

the pics are in Vevey, Swiss not Zuerich