Monday, April 30, 2007

Vevey Trip 3

omg .... they changed the timing of the schedule ... how? how? mati sial [die] ... usually schedule 3 is from 10-3 and 6.30 to 10.30 .. but for now, it is until 11.30 and for closing shift 11.45-3 and 7-1am ... DIE WEI! How to blog? How? No life!!!! Scheisse! Oh Shade! [Shit, oh what a pity] I rather work like today 1pm-10pm okeh! Nvm ... patient ... tahan je la ... 2 bulan aja lagi. [just be patient, anyhow it's only 2 months left]

Vevey ... eek laeow [again]

Only 30 km/h haha .. imagine if it's KL ... all couldnt be bothered and all pedestrians will end up in hospital

I feel that this is really pretty ;)

The flags ... the middle one is Swiss flag

I like this pic ... I dont know why, but I just like it

my god ... so hottttttt ... dyinggggg ....

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