Sunday, April 22, 2007

When mountainers came

I think I just had the best ever food in the whole wide world. I have a similar picture of it, but not the same.

Yup Indon mee ... but I ate the original one [packaging brown and yellow] this is the best ever food okay!!! Like damn damn damn ... beste!! Oh mi goreng, you are the best.

I feel bad, I really feed bad for Friendster because I have been spending so much time on Facebook, and I mean a lot. I didnt know that Facebook can be so addictive. Like .. BLOODY addictive okie. ---> Buku muka :p

A couple of weeks ago, all the mountainers from the ski resort had finished their training. Yeah, it's only 4 months for them as they close for few months and re-open later on for the summer. Yes, hotels DO close. Even Seehotel in Kastanienbaum close for HOLIDAYS. Anyway, the point is ... Natdanai and Am came down from Brig to Geneve with Gift who's training in Lausanne.

Of all places, again .. found them in ZARA. While the girls came out empty handed, Jojo came out with one jacket ... yes ... again. Long time I have absolutely nothing to say already haha.

Like ages ago since I last had Starbucks, the previous time was ... er ... the last ever time I had before I left for Swiss. AND .. I dont remember when was that as Starbucks was not in my most-wanted-to-go-places list before I left. So Jojo bought me the mocha ... so sweeeeettttt ... my president. He explained drinks in Starbucks to us as he worked in Starbucks before. While all of us are suffering and almost approaching death, he is now enjoying himself in UK =.= and Am had flew back to Thailand this Monday.

Later on, we went to get keys from Mr Purnama and went to his place in Servette.

Then, hang around there and stuff .. thennn ... bye bye ... time for me to work

Am ... ;) she kap baan already, sawadee ka Thailand ... la korn Swiss

and Jojo ... his hair is so da long and I almost couldnt recognize him, luckily I expected that already as he always liked keeping long hair anyways.


tIcKLe`Me said...

wah, jojo looks so buffed up already! :O

Mochii said...

ahahahhaha my president LOL