Monday, May 7, 2007

The arrival of spring

Somebody left just after 1-2 weeks of work, S-A-D case. Memang tak guna. Kodi sial.

Anyway, right after Carouge, I went to Zuerich to meet Yu Wen and the pics below were taken the day after, as I reached like 11.30 pm and the sun had already gone down. Just one or two days before that, Zuerich had this festival to celebrate the arrival of spring, which brings me to hell as summer is so soon, getting nearer and nearer and I can do is to pray that it rains. Sad to say, the arrival of spring happened like almost a month ago if I am not mistaken, which means .. the weather now is even hotter than the time I took these pics.

This is taken at her place, Wetzikon. Wetzikon is a very nearby town to Zuerich. Just 15 minutes by train if I am not mistaken.

The flowers just bloom in just one night. It's beautiful, it's pretty ... after seeing liveless trees for the past few months.

Everything is so bright now, there's some life at my surrounding now

Spring spring .. good for holidays, not for work

and we found one very special stone that we can take pic ;)


jasonphoon said...

why does the place have so many flowers ? how come how come ?

Mochii said...

er ... spring :p hahaha ... er ... it's like that LOL