Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Busy Bee

I was supposed to work until 1 today or at least until the whole restaurant close. Unfortunately I left early though I dont wish and I dont want to. I was holding one full tray of coffee, one came to take the one for his table and when he turned, another guy came and they knocked into each other. As a result, I was the victim, I got burn instead, my shirt has coffee stain instead. =.= So, I was trying so hard to use the chemical to get rid of the stubborn stain of the coffee but it was so much. So, I was asked to leave, I dont have to close haha. On the same day in a different occasion, another trainee had coffee stain on his shirt too, but that's coz he knocked into someone with a tray full of coffee. Then he left, or he asked to leave I dont know. Then, my boss told me to tell this guy that he asked me to leave coz I got burn, and he will be jealous. =.= no comment :s and before I left, he really asked me how come I got to go :o heh .. non of his business :D And today, is the first ever time the restaurant is fully booked, all the tables were occupied, so it was babi busy. Dont feel that bad because nobody is new, everyone were fast. Today is a day to remember because it has something to do with AIDS. The business that the restaurant made tonight, the owner will take 25% of it for the AIDS. Even 25% is DAMN BLOODY a lot, because normally for 2 person, they usually spend 100 over CH. What if there are more people? It's even more ... :o

Since that I have no other inspiration ... I post pics, so ... skip this entry thank you :D


jasonphoon said...

it's cute how you use babi sial to describe things , haha.

Like, how today my left eye so babi red sialll ...

Mochii said...

hahhah really la .. everything is babi haha :p a better way to say than ... er .. u knw la :p

kimloke said...

so syiok la..
i should go use the same trick..

zeroimpact said...

Heh heh heh
The pics before or after the coffee burn ah
Hope you manage to get the stains out and take care there

Mochii said...

kim: hahaha syiok? get coffee stain not nice leh .. i rather work haha :p

matthew: pics way before, actually very long ago already haha ... :p