Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Bye Bye zooh

It's the first ever time I felt so sleepy at work. It wasnt busy at all as it was raining the whole day and it's just SWEET! Tina came looking for me at 3pm together with Jack and Vicky as they wanted to go to the old town and I have just been there like 2 days ago o.O This week is the week I walked the most haha and it's so damn high up =.= We even went up to the church to see the whole Geneva, nice! But, I have to suffer later, legs felt like breaking again, like when Goh came, just that this time is worse hehe. Today, my manager gave me a surprise by asking me to do closing tomorrow =.=

Anyway, this is the entry that I will close my zoo trip. Who knows that Jack went there last week, like so coincidence, and when I went to the lion monumen in Luzern, he told me he went there like 2 weeks ago o.O

Faster took pix before those kids came down

Na rak .. mignon ...

Sea lion, look as if it just woke up

Apa ni .. c'est que ... was ist das?

And then headed to the exit

While in the tram waiting for it to depart ....


And finish it off with a scandal :p


Zoe said...

the sea lion is CUTE!!!. You coming back soon, right? Right??

Iwan Sanchez said...

Eh...anyhow take lovers romen romen ar???


jasonphoon said...

is the scandal guy the grumpy guy behind in the 3rd last picture ? that's a weird coincidence if it is .. hahaha.

wah , the sea lion looks so shiny. dono why

Mochii said...

zoe: haha yea, im going back in less than a month :p

iwan: they were sitting so near to us haha ... XD

jason: yeah it's him, sea lion went for polishing :p