Sunday, May 13, 2007

Chilling out at some cafe

It's such a proud day, I achieved something today. You know what is that? I went to the zoo today!!!! :p It's an achievement okeh ... you know how long I did not go to the zoo? HAHA ... I dont even know :p eh wait ... I DID go to Basel's Zoo during the Green Day at IHTTI. HAH ... it was like ... more than 2 years ago and that's because I HAVE to go, not because I plan for it.

I regretted something. I regretted sitting at the lower floor when going to Zuerich. I regretted sitting at the only seat while coming back to Geneve too. Usually, I sit at this feng shui place where 2 seats are facing each other and usually nobody will sit opposite of me unless there's no more seats available. I had a really hard time sleeping because that seat I chosen ... sigh .. feng shui not good.

So, a couple of weeks ago on a Saturday, both Ying and Yu Wen had morning off that day. We decided to go out jalan jalan, walk walk aimlessly. At that time after kebab as lunch, we really really do not know what to do and coincidently, we were outside of this cafe which is really good for relaxing and chilling out. The best part of all is ... it's non smoking.

Chik chak ...

Tea time, ey familiar, I know where Yu Wen bought her top, it has to be H&M .. and has 50% discount :D :D hahah, Ying's top looks like a la style H&M haha :p

Oh not to forget of course the tea set, it's really cute with the spoon, which I think is really artistic :D


R.J said...

hahaha visited the zoo eh. Found any relatives there? hehehe ingat tak tats wat TMc told us masa we visited the Basel zoo.
eh H&M tops not bad ma lol. enjoy ur time liao... few more months left for u.

jasonphoon said...

what do you mean when you sit there feng shui not good ? what happeend ?

Mochii said...

rj: no more few more months, it's only month, no plural ahhaha ... mr McCusker haha ... visiting relatives adoi .. but I saw my boss there :p keke .. not my relatives hahah .. hahah yeah H&M not bad la ... C&A also not bad :D hehe Tally Weijl also not bad, Yendi too hhahah adoi too many o.O

Jason: coz cannot sleep properly, not comfy enough hhehehe :p