Friday, May 11, 2007


I think I just had one of the best exercise that I have ever done in my entire life. What did I do? HAHA what else if not work. We were treated like robots not humans as we only have like what ...5 commis and they open every section, so it was god damn busy. Funny thing is .. I dont really feel it. Why? Probably it was THAT busy until I dont have the time to think "oh scheisse, it's busy" but to just run up and down serving clearing and everything. The next when I look at my watch, it was already 9.30, the next 10.30 ... and everyone stayed back to help me ahah ... as I cant possibly do it alone but anyway, everyone left at 12. After a busy, and tiring day, a little compliment from your boss will just brighten your day even more. I mean, this is not the first time, not at all ... but to get a few compliments after a busy busy day is just satisfying. Though there were some retard guests, but that doesnt matter. Retard how? They ignored you completely though you stand there with a tray full of drinks. But then .. if they dont .. I just put it down, serve yourself, I dont care, I'm too busy to serve you anyway coz it really feels so whatever.

So, now comes to this question.

As far as I am concerned and everyone else .. I am a pure breed Malaysian and very much Malaysian. No doubt about that.

Alright so here ... I dont know why ... I am going through some identity crisis? How so?

People that do not know me, angmos ... thought that I am Thai. Bad enough. One Thai even thought I'm Thai, that's the most shocking thing that can happen to me. Even more, my Thai friends said so =.=
Next, people think I'm from Vietnam, twice happen, but nvm, it's only twice, compared to the ones that people thought I'm Thai, is considered nothing.
Three people thought I'm a Phillipino. Two were guests, one was some random guy in Zuerich. It's way too random as I was waiting for the traffic lights, he just talked to me, in German =.= Luckily I understood but when I say I'm Malaysian, he said Malaysia is beautiful ... erm ... :S
Some other random people guessed that I am Jap or Korean which is so no way okeh. Not to mention some thought Espanyol? EXCUSE ME? Until they have to ask if I speak Espanyol or French, but I said Anglais[English] haha
This is the worst ... people thought I'm from China -_- yea two Asians, the guy asked me if I can speak Mandarin in Mandarin. I answered No in English but really I cant. But, I heard them speaking to each other, the girl said maybe I am from Singapore or Malaysia, or I look like it. HAHA .. I understood that sentence at least. But I kept quiet.

HAHA .. FINALLY ... someone guessed it right ... :D :D

My whole life I go through identity crisis ... and I dont know why.

When I was 18, people thought I'm Malay. When I got older, people asked me what am I coz .. I dont look pure chinese and instead mixed? which is so whatever. I really really have nothing to say....... zzzz ......


jasonphoon said...

hey , when I first saw your blog I thought you were indonesian. Not because of how you look, but because of all the "this is cun babi sial" language. haahaha

or was it Malay that speak like that ? I'm not sure.

So you're Malaysian Chinese ?

Mochii said...

hahahhah babi sial is malaysian, i dont think indon use babi that much as we do, they tend to use more of "anjing" hehe

LOL ... yeah la I'm Malaysian Chinese, dont I look like one? o.O

kim said...

no worries..
i get the exact SAME crap..
even in KL!!..
almost 90% of the people i work with in KL (of all places) think im non-malaysian.. OR mixed..
so sad case..
i buka mulut cakap bahasa or cantonese only they actually believe me..
apahal la these ppl rite..
mental probs.. =P

Mochii said...

haahhaah yeay gimme 5 i dunno what is wrong with them, home soil wei ... if other countries is bad enough, who knows being at home also people thought mixed, when in fact i dont look a tad mixed at all adoi!!